Types of asbestos survey


Asbestos was widely being used for building and construction materials in the early centuries. The material was widely used in building insulation and in electrical insulation because the substance is durable and because of its fire resistance nature. From the 1930s to 1980s, asbestos was commonly used in automotive, and the material industries. After research, it was found that asbestos is very dangerous especially when it is released into the environment. The fibrous substance is the cause of health risks such as cancer in many countries. That is the reason why asbestos was banned. The banning of asbestos has only helped in years that are after 2000. Older buildings still have asbestos in them. Because of the health risks, an asbestos survey is very important. There are different types of asbestos survey and here are some of them

Asbestos screening

This is the first and a very common type of asbestos survey London that you should know of. This is the best solution especially when damaged material is being repaired and which can pose potential health issues to those people who occupy the building. As asbestos surveyor assesses a suspected building or material by obtaining samples for asbestos analysis. This type of screening targets areas that are damaged. This process is commonly used in HUD projects and is sometimes referred to as a transactional asbestos survey.

Limited asbestos survey

This is a more comprehensive sampling of a building that is suspected to contain the asbestos substance. It is also known as targeting sampling. This type of survey is always based on the customer’s needs. The places that can be surveyed include the sidings, the roofing, and other areas where asbestos may be existing.

Pre-renovation asbestos survey

This is a very comprehensive type of survey that is used to identify the asbestos presence in construction material. Although it is comprehensive, it is only limited to construction and most especially building materials. This method can be used when renovating a building. The asbestos survey in this case will make sure that there will be no negative impact on the environment as a result of the asbestos release.

Pre-demolition asbestos survey

Before any building or any structure is demolished, an asbestos survey must be conducted. Pre-demolition asbestos assessment or survey is so far the most comprehensive asbestos assessment. This is the type of asbestos survey that inspects all the facets in a building that is about to be demolished. The places to be surveyed include both the exterior and the interior of the building. The process utilizes the destructive sampling process or protocol. A pre-demolition asbestos survey allows the destructions of small sections on the building in question to discover asbestos that is behind the walls. In other cases, ACM can also be discovered during the actual demolition. This is done because sometimes it can be very difficult to observe, take samples, or survey areas that are hidden within the building in question.

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