Top 6 Reasons to Create a Custom Graduation Card for Your Loved One

When you attend a graduation, you are more likely to buy presents instead of a graduation card. While your gift will be well received, a congratulatory graduation card will look more personal, especially if it is customized and not store-bought. The graduate will see that you took the time to craft a message that is unique to their achievements and interests. 

Mixbook understands the magnitude of an event like graduation and helps you create stunning custom graduation cards in different fonts, colors, and designs. Here are six reasons you should jump on this opportunity.

1.     Helps You Recognize Their Achievements

A customized graduation card helps you express your pride and joy in your loved one’s academic achievements. Through a personal message, you can highlight your admiration for their journey – in accurate detail – and their current and future success. You can list their milestones and how they have contributed to this joyous day.

2.     Offers Cheerful Thoughts

The coronavirus epidemic has put a damper on many things, graduation ceremonies included. If the restrictions where you live are preventing your loved one from having the graduation ceremony of their dreams, a customized congratulatory card could be just what they need. You can use it to cheer them up and promise them a proper celebration in the future.

3.     You Can Model Your Tone to the Graduate

With a custom graduation card, you can opt for a formal or informal tone with the graduate. It all depends on the relationship you have with them and the message you wish to convey. For example, if you and the graduate are very close, you can incorporate humor into your card to make the message more memorable.

4.     Recap the Past

A custom graduation card helps you to record all the memories you shared with the graduate. You can easily remind them of the times you spent together and how they have positively impacted your life. Truth be told, this is not something you can achieve with a generic or store-bought card.

5.     Allows You to Offer Advice for the Future

Usually, graduation is meant to mark a new beginning, and you can use your graduation card to inspire your loved one while moving forward. Your thoughtful words will give the graduate the confidence they need to start the new chapter in their life despite not knowing what will happen in the future.

6.     Confirms Your Attendance

If you plan to attend the graduation ceremony – or even if you don’t – a custom graduation card is an excellent way to convey this message. It can help the graduate understand why you are not going, for instance, while proving to them that you still care enough to craft them a personal message.


Graduation is a life-changing event for your loved one and can be scary. Therefore, it is vital for you to show your support by not only attending the ceremony and bringing presents, but also by creating a customized graduation card for them. Mixbook graduation cards are out of this world in design, color, paper quality, and aesthetic appeal. You can start with a simple format and end up with a spectacular card that your loved one is not likely to forget for many years. Visit Mixbook online today to learn more.

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