Tips to Plan for a Successful Whale Watching Experience

Planning a trip that requires you to stay inside or around water for a considerable amount of time can be quite exciting. No matter if you are aiming to go for adventurous activities with your significant other, friends or your family members, anything that involves being surrounded by water is electrifying. If you like to enjoy a lot of thrilling activities such as whale watching, you need to make sure that you are prepared.

To have a pleasant and memorable experience, you can follow a few useful tips to plan before going on the trip.

Eat the Right Kind of Food

When heading out for the adventure, make sure that you stock up on a lot of nutritious food items. You can have anything such as bread, crackers, or other soft snacks as it would make you feel better while you are whale watching and help prevent motion or sea sickness. This will manage the acid inside your stomach that may be produced in case you experience any of these conditions. However, make sure that you do not overeat, as it may make things worse for you.

Look for Ample Space and Fresh Air

If you are prone to severe sea sickness, you need to find a spot where fresh air will reach you directly. This will help you calm your nerves down and allow you to find more spots to get a sighting of the majestic creatures. It is always a better idea to check out the places beforehand when going whale watching in Narooma if possible or get an idea from the tour company.

Sleep Well

In case you become a part of the adventure being tired and sleepy, the chances of developing sea sickness can aggravate. You may feel drowsy, making it tougher for the brain to function well. Hence, it’s always recommended to take a full night’s sleep before joining your family or friends for the sea adventure.

Follow the Guidelines

After you book a tour with a reputable company for whale watching, you will be given a list of instructions or guidelines to follow. Make sure that you take the advice of the experts and are well prepared for the experience. This way, you can also relax and avoid rushing for tickets or getting into the boats.

Protect Against Sun

It is a good idea to take sunscreen or hats with you as that can offer protection against the sun. Sometimes the heat or rays could affect your visibility and cause you to miss out on whale watching.

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