New House? What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Moving Company

Moving a house or apartment is a moment that can deeply affect people and their families. Therefore, it is essential that the planning and execution of the services contracted with a moving company be seen and reviewed in detail to avoid setbacks and unforeseen events. But do you know all the procedures to make your move? From the stipulated deadlines to the necessary documents, going through the negotiation of values, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of contractual clauses celebrated with the company that makes changes. Check out:


Care must be taken with the deadlines set for making the change. Beforehand, it is essential to know with the moving company if everything can be done in a single day, including removal of furniture, transport, and delivery to the new residence. In short, it will depend on the size of the change. Usually, one day is sufficient, but two or three days may be necessary if the volume to be transported is large.

What Day To Choose

Generally, Saturday is the traditional day when moving carriers work the most. However, you should be careful with the landlord of the building or condominium you will live in not to be caught by surprise. If your new address is a street house, this problem will not exist. As it is also a day of rest, Sunday should be avoided. As for the so-called working days, the difficulty is more to the client, depending on the work, although moving companies also provide services. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to holidays, as the amounts charged are usually more expensive.


As a rule, a contract is made to protect both parties. When moving home with movers such as Alliance Moving & Storage Chicago for example, list the goods moved from the old address to the new one. If there is such an option, declare them, even if it takes work. Not only to ensure that nothing has been forgotten but also to guard against possible damage during transport; some companies also offer insurance, which can and should be evaluated by you.


As a customer, you have the right to know how the amount charged is calculated. Some moving carriers charge per leg traveled, and, in this case, the distance will have a direct impact on the final amount. The value is negotiated and closed in other cases, regardless of mileage. You should note other points: if the package offered includes employees and packages to transport furniture and other belongings.

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