Netflix receives a milestone with over 200 million subscribers.

Netflix has made its place in the manchetas recently. Netflix has now over 200 million subscribers. As 2020 ends, Netflix has emerged as the world’s most effective subscription streaming service. 


If compared to Disney Plus, it has recently completed and is doing well. Disney Plus has about 86.8 million users and hulu has 38.8 million. Hulu has been there since the time of Netflix.


As per reports by Netflix, its subscribers increased by 8.51 million between October and December, making it to 203.66 million subscribers. This is as per the reports given by Netflix about fourth-quarter results on Tuesday. It has even surpassed Netflix’s October guidance of adding 6 million new subscribers.


The good news comes after Netflix grew at a languid pace during the previous quarter. It added very few new subscribers. It could not meet the expectation, especially after experiencing such popularity in the first half of the year when everyone was stuck in their homes due to pandemic and felt a need to entertain themselves. In the first three months of the year, Netflix observed an immense growth in the number of new subscribers, highest till now. It had a record growth during the time of coronavirus pandemic.


Netflix was excellent in its service during the situation of crisis. As people were stuck at home, stressed and anxious about the pandemic situation, Netflix continuously served themwith melhor entretenimento shows every now and then. This was the time when people needed melhor entretenimento in their lives, and Netflix was amazingly successful in this job. 


As per the latest reports, Netflix has been gaining popularity recently. It has shown considerable growth. In October, it ended the long free trials it used to give to the new members. It was in the same month that Netflix even raised prices in the US. This decision was criticized by some subscribers, but the investors expected it to be a success may be in 2021. And now the fact it received success way earlier than expected. 


In only the US and Canada, Netflix added 8,60,000 new members. In Africa, the Middle East and Europe, the new subscribers increased by about 5 million. Latin America observed an increment of about 1.2 million new members. Lastly, Netflix has got about 2 million new members from the Asia Pacific. It’s means Netflix is still the market leader in the USA.

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