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Be it self-promotion or brand promotion, marketing strategies are social media-oriented, these days. Want to promote a new phone? Or, a new haircare brand? Or, an apparel launch? Pan social media presence and wild marketing strategies are a must to reach a wide audience. Especially with the gigantic rise in Instagram’s popularity, you would see pages devoted to the brand and every move being captured and uploaded. And these moves are either lauded or criticized by hordes of followers. But where do these followers come from? Let’s take a broader look!

A marketing tool like Instagram helps to reach more people, promote businesses and services and eventually convert them into customers. Seeing a good and healthy following, a new visitor is already impressed. And if the content is wholesome, there you have earned a new follower. It is a proven fact that people are more inclined to follow a popular account. But how to become a popular account? Let’s learn some handy tricks of the trade!

When you search the term Instagram followers, you would come across hordes of sites offering solutions to increase your audience. For example, They promise to help your brand grow and expand your reach ‘organically’, meaning they are not fake accounts and the engagement is real. There are other sites too, which provide the antithetical way of buying Instagram followers. The steps are easy in both cases, where you have to sign up and pay a certain amount (affordable mostly) and they would do the engagement on your behalf. Certain websites even do this for free. De-stressing, right?

As the saying goes, ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Start with your bio. Make it attractive and keyword searchable. Promote your business in this space and add a link to your related business. Therefore, your bio should be conducive as to what your account is all about. For example, if your page is about the “how to’s” of makeup, mention it clearly and provide a link to your YouTube videos or maybe post your best videos as highlights. Serve the best and save the time of your audience!

High-quality pictures are always eye-catchy. They are instant head turners. Be consistent with your posts. A reluctant account that posts occasionally isn’t going to draw eyeballs. Also, experiment with the timing of your posts- try posting your content at varied times of the day, and observe closely when is the maximum engagement achieved. The more likes and comments, the more engagement, more the surge in followers.

Captions are so important. Make them bold and attractive. Don’t go for long captions and keep it to the point. Alongside, use the relevant hashtags. Understanding your audience is so important. Specialized content and not loitering around in different alleys, helps to build a core audience.

Stories are a great mode of interacting with your audience. Encourage them to share them with their friends, or leave comments on your post. Be interactive wherein you post some of their comments in your stories by tagging them. Calls-to-action is a key strategy.

Mentioned above are the basic ways of increasing Instagram followers. Results don’t show in a single day. It is only with consistency, dedication, and hard work that results start pouring in. However, at the end of the day, only good content helps to retain loyal onlookers.

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