Making The Bedroom Senior Safe- Four Tips

We need eight hours a day of sleep, and as we age we might desire a few more. As our mobility changes, we need to make adjustments. Here are four ways to make our bedrooms a safer, more comfortable place to be.

  • Install Stairlifts– Bedrooms are rarely located on the ground floor, so we are going to face a stair climb just to go to bed! This can be difficult for seniors, but there is a simple answer- check out the new stairlifts Luton has to offer, they can install the perfect stairlift solution for your home!
  • Widen Doorways – If you live in an older home and are planning to use a walker or wheelchair to get around, you may find the doorways are too narrow! Some light remodeling can widen your existing doorways making them easy for you to pass through.
  • Adjustable Bed – Beds that are too high or too low make things difficult when you need a rest. Adjustable beds with safety rails make it easy to get the sleep you need!
  • Ample Lighting – Our vision seems to grow dimmer as we age, but we can counteract that with new, brighter lighting. Adjustable lights make reading in bed a breeze and can help light the way for late-night bathroom visits.

Our needs change as we get older, but there’s no reason we have to suffer for it. Make your home accessible and safe so you can enjoy your golden years.

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