Leather Shoulder Holster – Everyone’s Favorite Kind

We are used to seeing leather shoulder holsters in American movies. They give us the idea that they were the product of the gangster era in the US during the 1920s or 30s. However, the leather shoulder holster was the creation of the gunmen of the Old West during the late 1870s.

At first, it was a simple model. The holsters themselves were two half pouches made of leather that was sewn to the back panel of the bodice. By 1890 it evolved a lot and a proper skeleton model was available.

This model made it easier to pull the gun smoothly but also when inside positioned the gun perfectly. Sometimes there was an upper leather flap, to protect the firearm from perspiration.

Finally came the half-breed shoulder holsters which had both elements of their predecessors and the new elements of the new era. The clip spring design is seen in this model moreover the front seam was kept unlocked in this model.

The holster was made of leather due to the durability and strength of the leather. Moreover, leather is a material, that the more you use it, it takes the shape of the gun and snugly wraps around it to give it the perfect fit. That is why people always prefer buying leather shoulder holsters rather than synthetic ones.

Why leather shoulder holsters are so famous?

  • This is the best holster if you want to conceal the gun. It offers maximum cover. Most holsters areworn beneath a coat which makes them completely invisible to the naked eye. Moreover, the perfect fit of it, makes it very comfortable for the user too. Hence, nothing can be seen from the outside even if the user is going about a room.
  • Padding is also provided in modern holsters. Due to this, the distinct features of the gun are covered and hidden. Furthermore, the padding gives even more comfort to the user while exercising or working with the firearm.
  • A shoulder holster can work perfectly for different kinds of guns. It is perfect for a big revolver or a small pistol and in both cases, it would provide you with the utmost safety. in an emergency situation, it is not that easy to snatch the gun from the user if he is wearing a leather shoulder holster.
  • There are a lot of options available if you decide to buy a shoulder holster and use it to carry your gun. It doesn’t have to be a simple leather one either. There are many options for you to choose from and you can add your own designs if you get a custom one.

To get the perfect leather shoulder holsters, it is best to find the best gun store around you. The simple designs are provided in almost any gun shop. However, if you wish to get something unique then it is always better to invest some time into it and look around for a while. There are many online stores available too which provide you with good authentic products.

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