Frequently asked questions on SERP trackers

What is a SERP tracker?

 A SERP tracker is an application or software that will help you to find the positions of your website pages on various search engines for all keywords. If you give a specific keyword in this application, you will get to see the position of your webpage in any of the search engines available in the market. It will be helpful for various analytical purposes. You can find a free SERP checker online to try out its features. If you are in the SEO analysis department for a website, a SERP checker would be helpful to you. 

 Why should you need a SERP tracker in SEO?

 The major purpose of doing search engine optimization is to rank higher on the search engines like Google. Let us consider that you have done all the necessary optimization works on your website. If you do not know your website’s ranking on Google SERP, you would not know whether your efforts have paid off or they have gone to waste. If you know the improvement in your ranking positions only, you can continue with the same process or alter the optimization methods to see results. Hence, you should have a SERP tracker to find out the positions of your webpages on search engines for each keyword you have worked on. If you do so, you will see your SEO progress. 

 What are the basic features of a SERP tracker?

 A reliable and useful SERP tracker will have the following features. 

 Search engine support – There are several search engines apart from google. So, the SERP tracker should support tracking and provide reports for these engines also. Some trackers will fake you by only supporting Google results. So, you should consider checking this feature if needed while choosing a tracker. 

Location support – Search engine results would vary with location. If you live in India and want the positions in Indian search results, your tracker should provide such results. Some trackers could not provide location-specific results. So, it is better to consider this when choosing a tracker. 

Report frequency – A SERP tracker should provide reports of search engine results daily rather than once in a while. You should be able to get reports whenever you need them.

Device support – You should be able to get search engine positions in various devices using the tracker. It is of no use to use a tracker that could only provide reports of desktop results alone in this mobile phone era. 

 What is competitor analysis in SERP trackers?

 SERP trackers will allow you to track the performance of your competitor sites also. Once you type in your competitor’s website, you will get to know the ranking positions of various webpages of that website along with the keywords targeted by them. By seeing this report, you can also try using those keywords on your content to rank higher in search engines. This process of using your competitor’s reports is known as competitor analysis. 

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