Faith-Based Recovery Programs: The Higher Power

What makes faith based recovery programs different? A faith-based recovery setting will assist you to develop an individualized therapeutic plan with a specific goal toward spiritual realization and completeness by addressing addiction from a religious perspective. This type of program allows you to get closer to God while recovering from addiction. It provides the extra layer of security and comfort that you need to stay dedicated to your goals.

The benefits of entering into a faith-based recovery program are endless. These programs offer you the opportunity to receive counseling in an atmosphere that will foster spiritual communication and connection.

There is also the added benefit of attending counseling sessions with people who share similar values and beliefs. These individuals can provide you with a peer support network that will assist you in becoming successful in your treatment process.

The religious orientation of a faith-based program makes it easy to incorporate faith-based coping strategies. There is a great deal of emphasis on the power of prayer. You will learn proper posture and breathing techniques to increase your ability to focus on god.

When we pray, we go to God with the expectation that he will answer our prayers. The belief is that he will provide the substances necessary for healing. Because faith in God is an important component of recovery, most faith-based treatment programs have a prayer meeting or activity during treatment.

There is also a strong connection between faith-based recovery programs and spirituality. Recovery from addiction is about life. What does it mean to live a life filled with sin and guilt? When you are confronted with the reality of your crisis and your relationship with God, what will you do to find hope, beauty, and peace?

Withdrawal is a major challenge when we are suffering from addiction. It takes strength and faith to overcome temptation and the cravings that come when we are trying to recover from an addiction. During treatment at a Christian alcohol rehab treatment facility, staff will teach you how to stay spiritually centered. Your spiritual development will be the cornerstone of your recovery, as it was for the person who developed their problem in the first place.

If you are ready to make a fresh start and vow never again to take another sip of alcohol, you owe it to yourself to visit with a Christian alcohol recovery program and experience their faith-based recovery strategies. They have the tools and the wisdom to help you conquer temptation. They will teach you how to stay sober, develop new skills for facing the future, and learn ways to keep yourself motivated toward a healthier future.

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