Does Your Restaurant Look as Good as It Could?

One restaurant owner recently was amazed when he began using table linens and serviettes on his tables. Although the tables were new, he had not added any type of linen before. According to research, customers feel more confidence when they walk into a restaurant that features tables linens. In fact, they said they were willing to pay a higher price when these accessories were added.

Make a Better Impression

If you want to increase your bottom line in the hospitality and restaurant field, you cannot ignore the importance of adding hospitality laundry services. The addition of table linens and serviettes, when combined with silverware and glassware, makes an impression that customers cannot ignore. The line serves as the backdrop for the presentation of meals. For example, you can choose from matching table linens and serviettes in colours such as white, burgundy, red, dark blue, dark green, gold, and black.

In more casual dining environments, you should still add a serviette. Choose from white and red stitched serviettes or patterned serviettes in rustic charcoal or rustic grey. Add some vibrance to your table with serviettes in colours such as moss green, periwinkle blue, or wild raspberry.

You are not locked into a specific colour or style. If you change your restaurant’s mood or décor, you can also switch out the table linens and serviettes without paying extra for the change. This type of flexibility is important if you want to realise more customer satisfaction or you wish to make an upgrade.

When you think back on the times when you have enjoyed good meals, you probably remember the use of table linens. According to statistics, about 75% of consumers associate table linens with a better quality of food. That data, which comes from a study performed by the Jackson Marketing Group, is a telling indicator of customers’ perceptions and attitudes.

Moreover, it was found that the use of linens in a hospitality setting absorbs surrounding sounds and background noise. If your dining room only features hard surfaces, the noise will be amplified. Some diners do not like to dine in a place that is noisy. Therefore, table linens attract more customers for this reason as well.

Keep Everything Clean

Studies also reveal that the use of table linens reduces the number of pathogens, and therefore increase hygiene levels. Bare tables, it has been found, can breed microscopic and harmful bacteria. When a fresh table linen is used, however, this problem is resolved.

You will also benefit from using table linens when it comes to spills. When a glass of wine spills on a bare surface, it quickly drips everywhere. The shattering glass can also be heard throughout the restaurant. You won’t have this problem with linens, as they absorb the liquid and prevent breakage.

As you can see, table linens and serviettes are must-have dining accessories. Get more info about using them in your restaurant by going online tod

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