Different Types of Cigars and Shapes

Cigars have been a popular smoke for over the years. Finding the right cigar for personal pleasure is a great way to enjoy a cigar. They come in different shapes and sizes, offering various smoking experiences from the fullness to the overall burning time. This article is going to be helpful to know the different sizes and shapes of cigars so that one can choose the right one for his own. The size of a cigar is technically called, “viola.” This refers to both the length and thickness of the cigar. The design and packaging of the cigar (like Liga Privada Flying Pig) can appeal better to adolescents and young adults.

Here are different sizes of cigars 

  1.   Petit corona: It is an ideal choice when a person is in a short time. Its typical dimension is 4.5×42 (in), providing a pleasant smoking experience so that one does not need to be rushed during a short break. Petit Corona has earned much popularity in recent years for its quick smoke and budget-friendly at the same time.
  1.   Gorditos: This type of cigar is a fantastic choice for those who love to enjoy a cigar with lots of smoke. They are inexpensive when compared to larger formats. Brands like Olivia with their Nub range have popularized them in short and fat shapes.
  1.   Robusto: The typical imperial dimension of this type of cigar is 5×50(in). They are continuously gaining popularity which is quite similar to the Cuban Rothschild Vitola. Robusto cigars produce smoke similar to a corona and they are slowly replacing your coronas as the standard cigar size. The large ring gauge of Robusto offers a fuller smoke which is highly preferred by most cigar enthusiasts.
  2.   Corona: The shape and size of the corona have created a benchmark in the cigar industry. They are not as popular as Robustos. Corona’s typical dimension is 5.25×42 (in).
  1.     Lancero: It is similar to Panatela with the same ring gauge with one-inch extra length. The dimensions hover around 7 to 7.5 inches in length and an approximate 38 ring gauge. These cigars are rolled with a pigtail cap.

Box-pressed or Hand-pressed

Box pressed cigars: The box-pressed cigars were introduced to save money. It has a square shape finish, after pressing and cramming into a smaller one for easy transportation. Being packed extremely tightly, they burn longer and provide a consistent flavor.

Hand presses cigars: Cigars are rolled in two main ways, one is hard-pressed and another is by machine. A premium quality hand-rolled cigar may cost higher than machine-rolled as they contain higher quality ingredients. Liga Privada Flying Pig is a great example of handmade cigars. They are made by select artisans, which are silky smooth from start to finish.


Cigar blending takes huge research and experience. They come in different flavors like cardamom, clove, peanuts, almonds, cherry, apple, citrus, tea, and much more. Liga Privada Flying Pig cigars are created from seven different strains of premium tobacco from Brazil. Still getting confused to find the best cigar? Visit a local cigar shop that has a wide range of varieties and discuss with a professional to tobacconist to pick the best.

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