Crapshoot Double or Nothing: A Comprehensive Guide

The world of craps is complicated, and many people who are new to the game will find themselves lost in the jargon at first. In this article, we go over how to set up your own craps table, what bets you can make on the table and some strategies for winning more often than not. 

How to set up your own craps table? 

The craps table is a large, rectangular box that can be used for gambling. The table has two ends known as the “pass” and “don’t pass.”

Essentially this tells what side of the bet you’re on – if you want to win money when someone in front of or behind you rolls a seven, then you place your chips on the don’t pass line, while if you think they will roll something other than a seven then put them on the pass line.

What bets can you make on the table?

  • People can do many different things at a craps table apart from betting either one way or another.
  • One popular option is taking odds against rolling an eleven with any given dice by placing your chips in the “eleven” space.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, then betting red or black is an option for those who want to have a little more control over what they can win with their bets.

Some strategies for winning more often:

There are many different ways people might be able to improve their odds when playing craps.

  • One way would be by placing two separate bets: one that says seven will never come up and another that says it will always come up, in which case both of them should pay off pretty frequently.
  • Another strategy could involve targeting specific numbers instead of rolling randomly – for example, rolling dice that are five or nine.

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