Can I Fix My Tooth Gap Without Braces?

Braces are not everyone’s cup of tea, considering the time investment and precautions they require. Braces, however, appear to be the last resort in situations like this to close the space between teeth and regain confidence. 

Fortunately, advances in dentistry over the past few years have made it possible to close gaps in teeth without the need for braces. Therefore, if you are hoping to close the space between your teeth without wearing braces, check out how to do so through this article and consult with a family dentist in Upland, CA to get the procedure started.

How Can I Close My Tooth Gap Without Braces?

  • Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are porcelain-made tooth-like sheets placed in front of your teeth to hide your natural teeth. These veneers are capable of hiding the tooth gap without disrupting the actual position of your teeth. It is an excellent alternative to braces for fixing tooth gaps in minimal time and cost. Additionally, it hides discoloration of teeth and crooked teeth in no time.

  • Dental Bonding

Another great way to fix your tooth gap is dental or cosmetic bonding. It is a simple procedure and generally requires one dental visit. The dentist inserts a tooth-colored fluid-like resin between your tooth gap and uses UV light to dry and make it solid. Once it becomes solid, the dentist will shape the resin to give it a tooth-like finish.

  • Tooth Aligners

After braces, tooth aligners are the best way to fix your teeth gap with permanent results. They are transparent teeth-like structures put to straighten uneven teeth. Furthermore, aligners can be removed when you are brushing or eating so your oral hygiene can be maintained, unlike braces. 

  • Tooth Gap Bands

Tooth gap bands are a flexible and easy way to fill your teeth gap. They are small bands put around the gap teeth to push the teeth and fill the gap. They are affordable, less time-consuming, and specially designed for tooth gap issues. Plus, you can remove these bands like aligners while you eat and brush your teeth and wear them yourself anytime, anywhere.  

  • Implants

Sometimes, the gap between teeth is huge and requires a longer duration to fix. In these cases, implants become the best way to fill the gap by inserting a new artificial tooth between the gaps. This artificial tooth is inserted using screws to the root of your jaw. 

It is a permanent solution for tooth gaps caused by missing teeth and gives permanent results.

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