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The enterprise resource management technologies are developing in a rapid speed using the professional business application more and more demanding a very scalable, reliable infrastructure which assists outdoors internet standards from the shelf. The Net Application Server (WAS) assists for those purposes and offers the proven scalability and gratifaction. It props up internet technologies and open standards for example HTTP, XML, and Java (J2EE).

The SAP web application server is really a platform for that efficient development and enables the net searchers to apply web application. SAP WAS is a crucial element of mysap technology platform. Additionally, it covers the way in which for applying the net services. WAS supports all mysap component releases.

Business Server Pages (BSP)

SAP WAS enables the brand new internet paradigms to become combined with transactional operations of ERP. Additionally, it props up development and operation from the both J2EE and ABAP based web services and applications.

The custom growth and development of the applying begins with the development of the atmosphere which supplies some tools to aid various applications referred to as web applications builder. It’s an object oriented which is in line with the development atmosphere using ABAP or JavaScript. It’s supportive for complete development and lifecycle of enterprise applications and enables the consumer to build up the brand new type of enterprise application referred to as BSP application. The primary thing about this application is acronym (BSP) and multipurpose internet mail extensions object. The BSP concept is much more like the ASP or JSP documents which contain HTML and code that will compile upon the server request.

The SAP WAS incorporates the traditional internet technologies using the new factor like web DYNPRO for that presentation from the logic professional business web applications. Before applying the BSP application, it is important to comprehend the concept SAP web application server.

Web Application Server Architecture

Sap integrates the J2EE atmosphere directly into web application server will offer the Java and As soon as possible in parallel with one server while using common database. SAP WAS contain four functions

o Internet communication manager (ICM)

ICM may be the independent process which accounts for the communication between your WAS and also the exterior supporters over intranets or internet while using standard protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and straightforward mail transfer protocol (SMTP). Communication is transported while using high end, memory based communication channels named memory pipe. It improves Site performance and scalability using dynamic and active content caching technology.

o Business atmosphere

The atmosphere is fully accountable for the company content and also the underlying logic from the enterprises that is printed while using BSP/JSP. The ABAP atmosphere is dependant on the SAP application server development and deployment atmosphere. The present components can be used as business logic.

The J2EE atmosphere includes full featured, J2EE certified atmosphere to process the request to become leaves the ICM and generates the response. It enables the net application developers to produce Web applications for presentation and business logic using standard Java or J2EE technology. The sap java connector enables the technique calls between Java and ABAP applications. It will help to meets the J2EE standard specs for integration of enterprise computer i.e. J2EE Connector Architecture. F connectivity will hiccups between your different application servers and Enterprise Computer, to become solved through the J2EE Connector.

o Connectivity

The Net Application Server will offer the several open connectivity standards to integrate 3rd party products. In the finish the net application server will give you the entire technical interoperability across all SAP and third-party components. It’ll offer the simple object access protocol (SOAP), XML-based protocol for exchanging information.

o Relational Database

The net application server uses the extensive depository to switch the sensitive enterprise data. Group of Enterprise Application Integration tools are needed, to be able to deploy the effective web services.

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