4 Tips For Helping Your Parent Adjust to Assisted Living

Making the choice to put your loved one into assisted living is a delicate one. After all, your parents might not take it exactly lightly that you feel they need around-the-clock care. 

After all, there are many stigmas attached to assisted living, and as such, it may be a tough pill to swallow for your parent.  At the same time, you may be experiencing a considerable amount of guilt, as if you’re handing them off without their consent. 

However, you’ll find that moving your loved one into assisted living can be one of the best things you do not only for them but also for your entire family. After the initial period of adjustment, your loved one won’t just grow to adjust to assisted living but actually learn to love it. To help your parent through this new experience, here are some of the best tips for helping them adjust to their new home.

Let Them Feel Involved

One of the hardest parts about making the switch to assisted living is struggling with the fact that they feel like a choice is being made for them. After all, in most cases, if it were up to them, they would still be living at home enjoying their independence.  So, instead of making it seem like they have no choice in the matter, let them help during the process. 

Visit a few different assisted living facilities, and get their input. Ask them what they think, and involve them in the decision-making process as much as possible. Doing so will help them feel empowered rather than infringed upon.

Personalize Their Room

If your parent has lived in the same home for years, then it’s going to come as a shock to move into an entirely new space that doesn’t feel like home at all. Take the time to personalize their living space with plenty of memories and decorations from their old home. The more you can make it feel familiar, the more you’ll achieve a sense of continuity and at-home comfort, making their new surroundings feel more like their old home.

Be Positive

Initially, they may feel very pessimistic about changing their surroundings. Help them by being as positive as possible. Point out all of the good things about their new living environment, and guide them in the direction of optimism. Remember, positivity is contagious. If you show them how much you appreciate their new home, then it will start to catch on.

Practice Patience

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and your parent adjusting to an entirely new living situation isn’t going to happen overnight. Give it time, and understand that their adjustment period may take a few weeks, or maybe even months.  Everyone is different, and the more that you can provide reassurance and stay patient with their unique process, the more they’ll benefit from it.

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